A Complete Guide to Replacing Mobile Home Windows

How to Replace Mobile Home Windows

Mobile home windows can brighten rooms, let in fresh summer breezes, help keep you warm in winter, and much more.

Sometimes, retaining such utility means replacing your mobile home windows. If you’re in such a spot right now, here are five things you should know before you begin any work.

1. Not all windows are created equal

If you’re looking to install new windows in your mobile home, it’s important to understand that they’re not interchangeable with windows for sticks and bricks residences. You need replacement windows produced for the mobile home market specifically.

2. Make sure replacement windows are necessary

If you’ve spotted a leak, there’s a good chance that it’s coming from around the window and not through a part of the window itself. Some caulk might be able to fix that problem. If the glass is broken on a few of them, it’s possible to repair it without replacing the entire window. However, windows that rattle, display rust, or fail to open and close easily require replacement.

3. Know what you want before work begins

Among various replacement window styles, the most popular (based on internet search volume) are:

  • Awning
  • Casement
  • Double Hung/Single Hung
  • Slider
  • Jalousie

If you’re in a mobile home community, you’re already in a great window showroom. There’s probably a wide selection for you to look at while, say, walking the dog.

4. Shop around

It was a good idea for Motown’s Smokey Robinson back in the 60s, and it remains a good idea today when looking for mobile home replacement windows. You have several options:

  • You’re probably not too far from a dedicated parts shop that offers replacement windows. A simple “near me” web search should tell you. 
  • You can also look at online shops for the pros and cons of various styles. 
  • A nearby big-box home improvement store might stock a few, although you’re not likely to find more than a style or two.
  • Finally, MHVillage offers a convenient selection of mobile home parts and supplies that includes most of what you are likely to need for a variety of projects.

5. Consider DIY carefully

If you’re an experienced handyman, replacing a mobile home window shouldn’t present too significant a challenge. For the layperson, however, replacing windows requires great care. From measuring and ordering the windows to removing the current windows, clearing old adhesive material, and securing into place the new windows, there are numerous smaller steps that can pose issues.

Now that we’ve covered those, here’s a close look at what it takes to actually replace mobile home windows.

7 Steps to Replace Mobile Home Windows

StepThe WorkPotential Complication
#1Determine the exact size of the window(s) you are replacing. If replacements of that exact size are not available, or you want to reduce a window’s size, you’ll need to use shims or do some framing work.
#2Procure the new window(s). If a local supply center doesn’t have the right size and style, your work may be delayed for a few weeks.
#3Remove the current window.With some mobile home designs, you might first need to remove any siding that overlaps the window’s casing.
#4Clear any old caulking or adhesive material around the opening.Work slowly and carefully so as not to damage any of the framework, siding, or other materials exposed by the opening.
#5Apply fresh sealant.Adhere to any manufacturer warnings about caulk and other sealants to avoid troublesome situations.
#6Place the new window into the opening, ensuring that it is level and well-sealed.This is where any issues with window sizes will need to be addressed with shims or frames.
#7Complete the replacement by applying additional sealant around the window and siding, and reinstalling any siding that needed to be removed in step #3.This step includes several necessary sub-tasks, each of which must be addressed carefully. Efforts involved here will help combat leaks, energy loss, noise, and other issues.

Are you confident in your DIY skills and ability to deal with any complications that arise? If so, replacing your mobile home windows can save you money and allow you to get the work done according to your schedule rather than a contractor’s. Otherwise, reach out to an experienced professional; there’s a good chance a neighbor or friend can make a recommendation. And if not, MHVillage has you covered — so bookmark this site today.

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