Buying a Mobile Home in Arizona

Buying a Mobile Home in Arizona

Welcome back to the 50 States series, where we help illuminate the big picture on the manufactured housing markets in each of America’s great states. These state-by-state buying guides are intended to help mobile home buyers, whether novices or old hands, understand today’s markets better and make the right decisions when purchasing a manufactured home. 

The Grand Canyon State of Arizona is our topic today. Arizona has grown by leaps and bounds in the new millennium as folks flock to warmer climates, leading to a thriving manufactured housing industry in the state. Manufactured homes are a great housing option for those considering a relocation in Arizona. So, what can the average manufactured home buyer expect when buying a mobile home in Arizona? We’ll explore that in today’s entry. 

By the Numbers: Mobile Homes in Arizona

What does the manufactured home market in Arizona look like? Here are some numbers to give you an idea: 

  • Average Price of a Pre-Owned Manufactured Home in Arizona: $61,495
  • Average Model Year of a Pre-Owned Manufactured Home in Arizona: 1998
  • Average Square Footage of a Pre-Owned Manufactured Home in Arizona: 1,055
  • Average Year an Arizona Manufactured Home Community Was Developed: 1987
  • Number of Age-Restricted Manufactured Home Communities in Arizona: 353
  • Number of All-Ages Manufactured Home Communities in Arizona: 303

Arizona is a particularly popular state for retirees, with a wide selection of senior communities available. Regardless of a manufactured home buyer’s age, however, they’ll still need to pay the appropriate manufactured home taxes and fees. 

Did You Know?

Scottsdale, AZ landed at #8 on our nationwide list of the most affordable places to buy a mobile home.

Title, Registration and Taxes for Mobile Homes in Arizona

Like all states, Arizona requires tax and title paperwork for the ownership of manufactured homes. It’s a good idea for a buyer to enlist the services of a real estate agent or attorney to sort out the required paperwork, but there are a few key pieces of documentation that every Arizona manufactured home owner should be aware of. 

A tax clearance letter must be obtained before moving or selling a manufactured home in Arizona. This certificate, which must be applied for through the county tax assessor’s office, proves that all appropriate taxes have been paid for the home and that the property is in good standing with state revenue authorities. Buyers should also check with the seller’s local MVD office to verify that the home has no hidden liens on it. 

Arizona, like most states, titles manufactured homes that aren’t attached to permanent foundations as personal property or chattel rather than as real estate. For manufactured homes titled as chattel, an Arizona manufactured home title is the legal proof of ownership. The buyer and seller of the manufactured home will need to complete a title transfer through the Arizona MVD that requires both parties’ signatures on a notarized certificate of title transfer. Note that Arizona, like many other states, considers each section of a double-wide or triple-wide manufactured home to be a separate unit with a separate Arizona manufactured home title. 

A manufactured home owner who wants to attach their home to a permanent foundation will need to file an Arizona affidavit of affixture with their county assessor’s office. Once an AOA has been approved and a new title created, the manufactured home becomes real property and will be treated as such in all future real estate transactions. 

Resources for Mobile Home Buyers in Arizona

Buyers considering purchasing a mobile home in Arizona should go in equipped with the most accurate information. Arizona mobile home buyers will find lots of useful information in these resources from MHVillage:

MHVillage can make buying a mobile home in Arizona an easier experience with better results. Get started today by browsing mobiles home for sale in Arizona, or check out our Featured Markets section for the latest information on the manufactured housing market across America.

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