Poll: Are Mobile Homes “Worth It” for New Buyers?

Some of the most often-asked questions that we encounter with new, first time home buyers that are considering manufactured homes are –

  • Should I buy a mobile home?
  • Are mobile and manufactured homes a good investment?
  • Is buying a manufactured home worth it?

There is a clear need-to-know about the value of manufactured homes. Many potential buyers who visit our site are very curious about the prospect of mobile homes and often have many questions about what they’re like to live in, and if they are worth it in the long haul. So, to shed some light on this topic we thought who better to ask than those who have bought and experienced living in them – homeowners.

Are Mobile Homes Worth It?

We surveyed a significant number of current home owners about their experience buying and owning a manufactured home. We asked them a range of questions, but one that brought notable results was concerned with if they felt mobile homes were a worthy purchase for new home buyers.

For a more detailed breakdown, see “Is Buying a Mobile Home a Good Investment?“.

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