Top 10 Reasons Why People Love Their Manufactured Homes

Buying a manufactured home

There are many reasons why people opt for mobile homes over stick-built construction. Whether it’s for the savings, privacy, or the ability to simply call someplace “home”, mobile homes are a great choice for millennials, boomers, and those in between.

Here are the top 10 reasons why people love their mobile homes:

1. Mobile homes are significantly less expensive than stick-built homes.

The average price of a mobile home—now more commonly referred to as a manufactured home—is about $75,000 (excluding land), while the median home price in the U.S. is nearly $300,000. This significant savings of investing in a mobile home allows many more people to afford the opportunity to become homeowners than may have otherwise been able to. For those who are looking for a more cost-effective version of home ownership, this is it.

2. Your space is your own, not someone else’s.

Mobile home ownership is an empowering option for those who aren’t interested in taking on a hefty mortgage, but who don’t want to “throw their money away” by renting out an apartment or a room. Plus, it’s a way to work toward owning a home, as opposed to paying to rent out someone else’s space. Mobile homes provide independence and allow you to make payments in support of a financial goal each month.

3. You can customize it.

If you’re purchasing a newly built mobile home, there are often options for you to customize finishes, layouts, and other details to make it suit your unique taste. This is a great way to make your space feel like home before you even move in.

4. A smaller mortgage loan is required.

Purchasing a mobile home requires a significantly smaller mortgage loan than would generally be requested for a stick-built home. Therefore, mobile home owners owe less and are able to make more manageable monthly payments.

5. Mobile homes generally need less maintenance.

Since 1976, standards have been set to ensure consistent quality of manufactured homes. Since they are now often built under controlled conditions, there’s less of a chance they’ll develop significant maintenance issues down the road. Purchasing a traditionally built home comes with potential surprises that could lead to maintenance nightmares.

6. You get a yard to call your own.

When you rent an apartment, it often doesn’t come with outdoor space, but manufactured homes afford you the opportunity to have a piece of land of your own. You can choose to plant trees, start a garden, set up an outdoor seating area, or anything you desire. Whether you’ve purchased or are renting this land, it’s a little outdoor oasis that can help your space feel more like home.

7. You can (usually) enjoy your dog’s company.

Owning a mobile home on your own property is a great benefit for pet owners, especially dog owners. It can be difficult to find an apartment unit that allows pets, but having a pet-friendly mobile home gives you the flexibility to enjoy the company of your beloved companion. Plus, having a yard gives them a place of their own to run and play.

8. Mobile homes provide more privacy.

Renting an apartment or sharing a home often means you’re left to deal with thin walls and close neighbors. Shared space and tight quarters can make you feel cramped in your home and seem as though everything you do is quite public. Mobile homes give you a true space to call your own, with your own walls and the privacy that comes along with them.

9. You have the freedom to design it how you please.

Apartment living can be creatively limiting, especially if the landlord has strict rules about how much you can change about the space. For example, you might not be allowed to paint the walls or mount a television, or even hang art or install screens. When you own a manufactured home, you can express your personal style freely and make all the interior changes you’d like.

10. Owning a manufactured home allows you to build equity.

When you rent, the money you spend each month becomes your landlord’s – but when you buy a manufactured home, each payment you make toward your loan helps you to build equity. When you keep your mobile home in good working order or make upgrades, you also help to increase the value of your mobile home.

Home, Sweet Home

There are many benefits to owning a mobile home—and many different reasons why people choose them over standard homes. They offer flexibility, privacy, and ownership in ways that many others don’t.

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