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The farmhouse style is a quintessential piece of American culture, and many homeowners want to bring this classic style into their home decor. Farmhouse style is characterized by:

  • Large, airy spaces
  • Clean lines
  • Vintage-inspired design
  • Beam ceilings
  • Rustic materials and textures
  • Built-in cabinets and drawers

One of the easiest ways to achieve the farmhouse look is by purchasing a farmhouse mobile home—a manufactured home that’s created in the farmhouse style. Some of today’s most popular manufactured homes include farmhouse design elements. Let’s take a look at six of the best farmhouse mobile homes currently on the market.

1. Buccaneer Lulamae

Farmhouse Mobile Homes open kitchen

The Buccaneer Lulamae radiates farmhouse charm, with just the right amount of cutting-edge contemporary design added. Its kitchen comes equipped with a generously-sized island counter, clean and classy farmhouse cabinets and lighting fixtures that make family and guests alike feel right at home from the minute they arrive.

Farmhouse mobile home living area

The charm continues in the Lulamae’s living room, with clean lines everywhere and a wood beam ceiling that creates an inviting place to relax with family and friends. An uninterrupted flow between the living and dining rooms offers an impressive sense of architectural unity.

2. Clayton American Farmstead

Farmhouse mobile homes kitchen

As you might expect from its name, the Clayton American Farmstead seems almost like it time-traveled from early 20th century America—until you see the features. For starters, the fully-equipped kitchen includes fun touches like a classic “Z” barn door and a faded finish on the cabinets and flooring that gives the home a note of idyllic Americana.

Farmstead Mobile Home Clayton

The American Farmstead’s bedrooms have an equally easy charm. The master bedroom features a set of French doors leading onto a well-equipped master bathroom for an elegant look. For those seeking farmhouse charm integrated with 21st century design that captures a cozy feel while remaining spacious, the American Farmstead could be a home sweet home indeed.

3. Redman Homes Creekside Manor 4643B

Farmhouse Mobile Homes Redman Homes

Those seeking something idyllic with a touch of luxury will love the Redman Homes Creekside Manor 4643B. This model pairs a traditional farmhouse style with a contemporary flowing design that combines kitchen, living room and dining room into a single unit with plenty of elbow room.

Redman Homes Farm Style Mobile Home bedroom

The Creekside Manor’s master bedroom strikes a similar balance between the simple and luxurious, with a sliding barn door that glides aside to reveal a gorgeous master bath. The high ceilings make for airy, comfortable sleeping, and lush carpeting gives the room a deluxe feel.

4. Champion Homes Ridgecrest LE 6012

Farmhouse Mobile Homes Champion Homes

The Ridgecrest LE 6012 comes with a healthy dose of American tradition, with its sliding barn doors and its roomy kitchen (complete with Shaker cabinets and apron sink). This Champion Homes model infuses its pride in tradition with the perfect shot of the contemporary, including naturalistic weathered finish options on its wood laminate floors, an island counter for more working and eating space, and an open-plan design that facilitates togetherness and family fun.

Farmhouse mobile homes dining area
luxury mobile home sliding doors

You’ll find those little touches of the traditional throughout the LE 6012, such as the wood beam accents throughout the home and the multiple sets of impressive barn doors you see above (part of the master bed/bath suite). Importantly, the LE 6012 also includes another classic element of the farmhouse style: plenty of space for the entire family to live, work and play.

5. Dutch Housing Diamond 2864 225

Dutch Housing Diamond Farmhouse Mobile Home

The kitchen of the Dutch Housing Diamond 2864 225 is designed for flow and elegance, with recessed appliance spaces, a two-seater island counter and a wealth of cabinet and drawer space built right into the kitchen itself. From dinner parties to a quiet night with family, this kitchen is a gorgeous farmhouse-style living space.

Dutch Housing Diamond 2864 225 Mobile Home

The Diamond 2864 225’s airy bedrooms are available with beautiful dark wood accents on the door and window casings that provide a beautiful contrast with its neutral-colored walls and carpet. The master bedroom’s double tray ceiling gives the room plenty of height and a refreshingly spacious ambiance.

6. Skyline Homes Spectra CS68

Skyline Homes Farmhouse Mobile Home

The kitchen/dining/living area of the Spectra CS68 is designed first and foremost for function, but it also packs in plenty of delightful decorative touches such as timber frame accents. And thanks to the combined design of the main living space, the CS68 features a whopping four bedrooms and two baths, all packed with farmhouse charm.

luxury mobile home bathroom
mobile home laundry room

The advantages of the Spectra CS68 also include bathrooms and laundry facilities that achieve the same exquisite combination of tradition and modernity. Double basin sinks in the master bath and extensive built-in cabinets in the laundry room provide convenience and refinement in equal measure.

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Farmhouse mobile homes are just one of the many styles of modern mobile homes that you’ll find on MHVillage. Use our mobile home floor plan listings and our mobile homes for sale listings to explore farmhouse model mobile home options available in your area.

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