Getting Your House Ready to Sell: Mobile Home Edition

Presentation is important to a successful sale, whether you’re selling a home or anything else. And when it comes to selling a mobile home, getting a house ready to sell is particularly key before putting it on the market. 

Preparing your manufactured home for sale is an important process that helps ensure you’ll get top dollar for your home. At MHVillage, we see dozens of manufactured home sales close every day, and we know how to sell a mobile home quickly. So take note of these six key tips that will help you attract buyers and make your manufactured home stand out on the market. 

1. Get a manufactured home appraisal and inspection from a qualified appraiser. 

You need an accurate manufactured home appraisal in order to set a reasonable price for your home. A good appraisal will take numerous complex factors into your account, such as what manufactured homes comparable to yours have sold for in markets comparable to yours. That’s the kind of math that’s tough to do on your own, so it’s best to trust it to a professional. 

The easiest way to do it is through a professional appraiser such as Datacomp. Datacomp is the industry leader in market-based appraisals for manufactured homes, and MHVillage offers a free Datacomp appraisal any time you list a manufactured home on our website—so both buyers and sellers can feel confident that they’re getting a square deal. The appraisal and inspection process will also help alert you to any structural issues you may not have noticed. 

2. Have your paperwork in order. 

Selling a mobile home involves substantial paperwork, so make sure to keep all of the key pieces on hand and in good order. The most important pieces of paperwork for selling a mobile home include:

  • Home title transfer
  • Appraisal and inspection records
  • Insurance records
  • Tax documentation
  • Community documentation
  • Seller’s disclosure statement
  • Bill of sale

3. Identify and fix problems.

Make sure that your home is in good condition by completing any needed repairs before listing it. While any repair improves a home’s value, focus on the so-called “Big Five”: 

  • Roof
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Sub-flooring
  • Plumbing

Mobile home roofing can be particularly challenging, so be sure to read our article on mobile home roof repair for key tips on getting your roof into selling shape. 

4. Increase curb appeal by “dressing” your home. 

With a little bit of TLC, your mobile home’s curb appeal can be a big asset for attracting buyers. You can “dress” your manufactured home by making some select upgrades to your exterior, including:

  • Keep your lawn in good condition through regular mowing and watering
  • Consider replacing or repainting old siding
  • Power wash your home’s exterior
  • Add some small shrubbery or flowers that complement your home’s color scheme
  • Keep lawn and exterior decor simple and tasteful

5. Write a snappy description and use eye-catching photos.

Your online mobile home listing will be the first impression that many buyers get of your home, so make sure that it’s a good one. MHVillage offers many powerful tools to use in your listing, but two of the most important are your listing photos and your description. 

First, make sure you have multiple high-quality photos of your manufactured home. Hiring a professional photographer to get some good shots, particularly of the exterior, can be a good investment. A Redfin study found great returns for mobile home sellers who used professional photos. Mobile home floor plans are also great for helping online buyers visualize a home. 

There are different methods for how to write a write a mobile home description. Some prefer the concise power of bullet points, while others like the narrative flow of a paragraph description. Whichever you choose, remember to know your market and tell buyers what they want to know, including:

  • Make, model and year
  • Square footage
  • Appliances
  • Neighborhood information
  • Extra amenities and “wow” factors

6. Host an open house.

For a buyer, there’s no substitute for seeing a home in person, so consider opening your doors to buyers for an open house or two. A real estate agent near you can help you set up an open house and advise you on how to present your home in a way that’s accurate and flattering. Offering light snacks and beverages is a great idea, and make sure to check out our article on how to nail your mobile home open house for more useful tips. 

The more you prepare your mobile home to sell, the more you’ll like your results. Check out some additional ways to add value to your home.

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